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Doctoral Program Courses

Counseling & Educational Psychology

The Ph.D. in Counselor Education at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi consists of sequenced didactic coursework, organized clinical experiences, and an extensive series of research courses leading to the dissertation. The curriculum follows those guidelines set forth by the accreditation body: the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

All courses are offered on the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi campus, enabling students to utilize the excellent computer/statistical laboratories, the renowned Early Childhood Development Center, and the comprehensive library and reference facility. International off-campus coursework experiences are encouraged, but are not currently part of the program.

This is a cohort doctoral program that begins during the fall. Students will proceed through the program at the same pace with intended graduation after a three to four year time period.

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Fall First Year

  • CNEP 6305 Advanced Theories in Individual & Group Counseling
  • CNEP 6315 Professional, Legal, and Ethical Issues
  • CNEP 6320 Advanced Appraisal Techniques and Psychometrics
  • CNEP 6360 Introduction to Research Design and Statistics

Spring First Year

  • CNEP 6316 Research, Writing, & Publishing in a Multicultural Society
  • CNEP 6350 Advanced Clinical Supervision
  • CNEP 6370 Advanced Quantitative Analysis
  • CNEP 6395 Doctoral Practicum

Summer First Year

  • CNEP 6310 Advanced Counseling Strategies
  • CNEP 6319 Application of Family Counseling
  • CNEP 6325 Advanced Seminar in Career and Life Planning

Fall Second Year

  • CNEP 6384 Qualitative Research Design and Analysis
  • CNEP 6396 Doctoral Internship
  • CNEP 6397 Research Seminar
  • CNEP 6365 Advanced Research & Design in Wellness & Stress Management Practices

Spring Second Year

  • CNEP 6335 Consultation Theory and Professional Advocacy
  • CNEP 6355 Leadership, Pedagogy & Diversity in Counselor Education
  • CNEP 6396 Doctoral Internship
  • CNEP 6372 Applications of Advanced Statistical Techniques and Evaluation Methodology

Summer Second Year

  • CNEP 6398 Dissertation Hours
  • CNEP 6390 Knowledge-Base Seminar
  • Doctoral Comprehensive Examination

Fall Third Year

  • CNEP 6398 Dissertation Hours

Spring Third Year

  • CNEP 6398 Dissertation Hours

Summer Third Year

  • CNEP 6398 Dissertation Hours